Atılım University Incek Campus

With an open space of 180,747 m² and a closed space of 127,339 m², the İncek Campus of Atılım University offers education with 3 graduate schools, 3 academies, 7 schools, 9 research centers, and a total of 173 education - research laboratories; and over 1000 employees.

Ankara Esenboğa Airport Atılım University Hangar

The Atılım University Civil Aviation Training Center at the Esenboğa Airport is the first and the only aircraft hangar launched by a university in Ankara. With enough offices and classrooms to house all maintenance and education activities, the hangar is situated within an area of 2,700 m².

Adana Airport Operation Center

Our operation center near Gate A, Adana Airport, offers a closed space of 200 m2 and an open space of 1000 m2.