In an effort to meet the demands for domestic and international pilots with primarily the Department of Pilot Training under the School of Civil Aviation, and to offer quality flight training, the ATU Flight Academy was established under Atılım University in 2018, with its headquarters at the Esenboğa Airport.

So far uninterrupted in its operations; the academy is currently active with a modern hangar of 2700 m2 located at the Esenboğa Airport, and an operation center at Adana Airport where the weather is pleasant; in addition to its campus facilities available for theoretical education purposes.

It is our primary goal to take the standards of flight training to the next level with the right training approach and staff to integrate the aviation experience with an academic infrastructure; as well as to train modern, innovative, disciplined aviators who hold a sense of belonging, and who are ready and able to take part in flight operation conditions at all times.

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